The Message

The importance of ‘Stay Home Stay Safe’ was promoted during the pandemic in numerous videos on the Internet. By doing so, we can protect not only ourselves but also the others around us. There was a special video using BSL (British Sign Language) to deliver the message: Stay Home Stay Safe. That inspired me to adopt the power of sign language and utilize the mask as the medium to stress the importance of ’Stay Home Stay Safe.’

In retrospect, most people around the world were self-quarantining at their own house because of the severity of COVID-19. Grocery shopping is the only time people can leave their self-isolated cubicle. Spending most of the day at home can be daunting with the looming prospect. 

Last but not least,  

I used different colors for each hand to deliver a message 

 “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”
— Martin Luther King Jr. 

A mask competition that I joined